Ponderosa provides truckloads of free mulch in Alameda county.

Description and details:

1) Each full truckload holds 15-18 cubic yards. Only full truckloads are delivered at a time.
2) Composition varies – ground up trees includes leafy matter and wood chips mixed together; Pine, Eucalyptus, etc.)
3) Size of pile: 20 feet long 10 feet wide 5 feet high (approx.)
4) Description of pile – takes up approximately two large parking spaces.
5) Approximately 50 wheelbarrows or 90 bags of mulch.

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Dimensions of Truck:

1) Truck is 8 feet wide (needs at least 10 feet of width and 50 feet of level and firm area to drive back onto, as truck has to pull forward as it dumps mulch.)
2) Truck is 25 feet long (total.)
3) Truck lifts up to 20 feet high when dumping mulch (overhead clearance necessary – no power lines, trees, etc.)


If you have the space for a mulch delivery of this size, please contact us at (510) 845-3644 to add your name to the list. Though we can not guarantee a date, when a truckload becomes available we will deliver on a first come, first served basis.