Tree Removal

Ponderosa specializes in the removal of large trees in delicate surroundings, We go out of our way to ensure a safe, controlled tree removal while protecting the surrounding plants, hardscapes and structures. It is our standard procedure to cover all surfaces in the work area with tarps and plywood where necessary to prevent wear and tear on gates, siding, plants, and any other delicate objects. Not all tree removal techniques are equal.



Pruning is performed for three primary reasons: Heath, safety and aesthetics. Our arborists listen closely to your concerns and formulate plans specifically tailored to your tree’s health care needs. 

Health: Assess potential problems and suggest comprehensive plans for tree health improvement. Often this will involve assessing and possible excavation of root crown (common source of problems where dirt builds up and causes decay)  trimming out dead limbs, thinning to prevent limb loss and in some cases more substantial “integrated pest management”

Safety: Evaluate potential problems such as limb weight and tree imbalance. Formulate plan to address safety while preserving tree health. In most cases branch end weight reduction is the best course, but thinning, cabling, guying, supporting and bolting are all possible courses of action.

Aesthetics: Often this falls under the category of “elective surgery” and does not by definition improve tree health. Our goal is to address your aesthetic needs while preserving the vibrancy of your tree. Size management, sunlight for your garden (or solar panels) shaping to preserve screen, thinning, deadwood and sucker growth removal are just some of the reasons for aesthetic pruning. 


Cabling and Bracing

Ponderosa uses up-to-date industry techniques and standard to effectively mitigate the potential for trunk failure and splitting junctions. We have saved countless trees by cabling, stabilizing and sometimes even installing giant bolts inside splitting trees to preserve them for future generations.


Stump Grinding

Ponderosa can remove any size stump and major surface roots from your yard, and our smaller machines can access hard-to-reach places.  Our powerful stump grinders with all terrain tracks can go through a standard 38″ opening-to allow access to difficult back or side yard stumps.  We usually grind down to a depth of 12-14 inches-more than enough to install topsoil and plants, or we can grind deeper as needed if you are planting a good size tree.  Even if you just want an unsightly stump removed, we can do it well.

Normally, we leave the resulting stump grinding mulch, which can be mixed with topsoil or spread out in garden beds to prevent excess topsoil evaporation This is often backfilled and mounded in the resulting stump hole. However, for an extra charge, we can haul it. We can also replenish the hole with real soils and plant new trees if that is your goal.


Tree planting

Ponderosa’s arborists draw on years of experience in helping you select the right tree for your site. Having direct knowledge of how trees grow in this particular microclimate helps us fine-tune the selection process and produces exceptional outcomes. Our trees thrive!



Our knowledge of tree health care and decades of experience working in the field give gives us a broad foundation to draw upon. From tree related health and assessments, view issues, construction approval, real estate evaluations – we have the experience to help guide you. We are particularly skilled at dispute resolution and tricky neighbor issues, as well as property line/shared tree negotiations. 


Mulch delivery

Ponderosa provides truckloads of free mulch in Alameda county.

Description and details:

1) Each full truckload holds 15-18 cubic yards. Only full truckloads are delivered at a time.
2) Composition varies – ground up trees includes leafy matter and wood chips mixed together; Pine, Eucalyptus, etc.)
3) Size of pile: 20 feet long 10 feet wide 5 feet high (approx.)
4) Description of pile – takes up approximately two large parking spaces.
5) Approximately 50 wheelbarrows or 90 bags of mulch.

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Dimensions of Truck:

1) Truck is 8 feet wide (needs at least 10 feet of width and 50 feet of level and firm area to drive back onto, as truck has to pull forward as it dumps mulch.)
2) Truck is 25 feet long (total.)
3) Truck lifts up to 20 feet high when dumping mulch (overhead clearance necessary – no power lines, trees, etc.)


If you have the space for a mulch delivery of this size, please contact us at (510) 845-3644 to add your name to the list. Though we can not guarantee a date, when a truckload becomes available we will deliver on a first come, first served basis.

Urban Milling

When possible, Ponderosa preserves large tree trunks during the removal process, redirecting them from the waste stream and firewood production for use as furniture or lumber. In some cases this results in a rebate to the customer. Ponderosa can also perform custom milling for trees that you bring us.

Check out to learn more about our milling options.!